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Sunday, June 1, 2014

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Welcome to Chile Con Queso! -- the official blog of a summer abroad in Chile, 2014.  (Subscribe NOW, enter your Email above)

Herein lie the adventures of two everyday travelers not unlike yourselves.

Work a day citizens, to be sure, bound by the obligations of city life.

Their names are Patience and Ian.  Nominated as couple of the year by this blog,  the pair has decided to forgo the American Dream in pursuit of ancient statues,  fish markets,  undiscovered linguistic secrets, and desolate mountaintops.

Some immediate questions:

Will Patience get over her fear of seafood?

Who is Pinochet?

How will Ian cope as a marketing intern?

What is Easter Island really?

Will Ian and Patience SURVIVE ???

Find out next time, and subscribe above!

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  1. We will be following your gallivanting closely.